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The R-Word Hurts us All

The R-word is "retard or "retarded".

How long has it been since you heard someone use the R-Word? Was it at school or in a mall or restaurant? Most people would never call a person with a disability by that term, but far too many people do think it’s funny to use it in conversation to describe someone who has made a mistake, or a situation that is ridiculous.

When you use the R-word you never know who is listening, it could be someone with a disability or someone who has a family member with a disability. Even if no harm is intended to people with disabilities, the R-word hurts.

Vocabulary develops over time, and it will take time for you to eliminate the R-word from your own vocabulary. People with disabilities and their advocates understand that. All we ask is that you become more aware of the R-word and replace it with something new – maybe ridiculous, silly, outlandish or bizarre.

Don't just take our word for it - watch these videos and read these articles to better understand the vast impact the R-word has on people with disabilities. Share them with friends and family and help get the word out, the R-word hurts.

I have a brother-in-law who is autistic, and it hurts me when people use the R word to describe something that isn’t as they wish it were. I felt like I was alone in feeling like the R word was hurtful, mean, and nasty. – David
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