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Express Clydesdales Barn Party for Kids! Visit Website

12701 W Wilshire Blvd, Yukon, OK  73099   800-652-6400  


Memorial Day, Monday May 26th, 2014
10am - 4pm
Enjoy wagon rides, pony rides, cook-out, inflatables, face painting, tours and fun for all!

The Express Clydesdales are housed in a specially reconstructed barn originally built in 1936. A group of Amish barn specialists came from Indiana to rebuild the barn's structure. At one point, it leaned about 6' to the side! Now the barn after renovation, is a welcome center for visitors from around the world, featured with pine wood and walnut trim and brass fixtures throughout. Our Amish barn is available for rental. Call us for your Birthday Party, photo backdrop or special event! Enjoy a tour, take a wagon ride, kick your shoes off and stay awhile!

While visiting the Clydesdales you can purchase memorabilia for yourself, family and friends. The gift shop has a wide variety of items to choose from such as hats, jackets, candles, T-shirts, beanie Clydesdales, coffee mugs and much more. From time to time, we raffle tickets to win your own Clydesdale filly!!!

All proceeds from our gift shop are donated to Children's Miracle Network.

Color: Rare Black with four white stocking feet, a blaze of white on the face and a black mane and tail

Height: 17-19 hands (6 feet) at the shoulder

Weight: 1,800-2,300 lbs.

Age: 3-15 years

Gender: Gelding

Temperament: Very gentle

Hooves: Size of dinner plates

Shoes: Each Clydesdales' horseshoes are computer cut so each shoe is exact. The shoes weigh about three pounds each and average nine inches wide and eight and a half inches long. They are shod with a leather pad for added support and protection. Each horse is re-shoed every six weeks. (A horse's foot is much like a human's fingernail so the shoeing doesn't hurt the horses.)

Feed: Each horse consumes about 12 pounds of feed, 12-15 pounds of hay and 30 gallons of water in a day with occasional treats of apples and carrots.

Transportation: The horses travel in a custom-built 53-foot tractor-trailer with air-cushioned suspension, rubber flooring, windows and fans to ease the effects of traveling. The back half carries tack-harness and our 1880 replica hotel coach.

Coach: The hotel coach is a replica of one used by the Crawford House Hotel in Concord, New Hampshire in 1880. It can carry 24 passengers and two drivers and was rebuilt by the Hansens Wheel and Wagon Shop in South Dakota. It is for private use only.

Wagon: A beautiful handcrafted replica of a turn-of-the-century delivery wagon, the Express Clydesdales' show wagon undercarriage and body are based on a Studebaker design. It weighs over 3,000 pounds and was also built in South Dakota by the Hansens Wheel and Wagon Shop.

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